About Us

Pink Friday Collection is a company built solely for the love of women. Being a woman comes with so many different challenges and obstacles that only a woman can understand. I wanted to create a company where women could come and just feel beautiful. A company where they could come and drop all of their titles and stress just for a moment ,and just be the beautiful being that she was created to be. We all know there is no therapy like the comfort of retail therapy.
There are often questions about where the name Pink Friday 
Collection originated from. I just wanted to choose a name that had a powerful meaning behind it, and actually made women feel empowered. There are so many of our women dying or undergoing harsh treatment due to breast cancer. Many are survivors who have to live with constant reminders of the hurt they endured. Many are family members of those who didn't survive, and have to live with the pain of losing a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece or maybe even a close friend. These are the people that my heart goes out to, along with the other women just going through the ordinary obstacles of being a woman.
Pink Friday Collection is here to honor all the beautiful women of the world. Remember STRONG WOMEN are the ONLY WOMEN!